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Ellen Ross Travel

See where we have been and where we

are going.

60 cruises and counting.

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to my website.

Please take a look at my reviews and photos from our trips. We have cruised extensively in the past few years and I would be happy to share our experiences with you. 

I have been a travel agent for almost 40 years (less some time to raise our children), and an interline agent for almost 15 years.

 I am also the wife and mom to airline pilots. Therefore I have lived with the trials and the benefits of interline travel.

How many times have we gone standby and watched the plane leave without us? We never went away during the school holiday vacations. The kids knew they had to get good grades so they could be taken out of school. (hey it was a good bribe!). Last minute bookings and constantly watching the airplane loads is a norm for my business and my life, and I understand it is yours as well. 

My clients are from around the world and travel around the world. While my specialty is cruising, I also have interline rates in resorts and hotels around the world. Even some tour operators are starting to offer discounts on escorted tour packages.

I will not be posting rates on this site as they change constantly. I have daily specials on Facebook under Ellen Ross Travel. Please go ahead and "Like" my page there. Also you can go to and do searches for offers. However please email or call me for more information and to make your reservations. If you happen to see rates on any other interline site please call me as well.

I work from a home office, so I am very easy to reach. But even when I am travelling my laptop isn't very far away. 

Enjoy your visit to Ellen Ross Travel.